Hopetoun’s Beaches

The town site is surrounded by some of the area’s most beautiful white sandy beaches, all within easy walking distance of the Motel. Around the front of the town, following on from the main road, and either side of the groyne, are Surf Beach and Front Beach. Both of these beaches provide easy access for bathing, fishing, windsurfing, boating and other seashore activities. To the west of town around Flathead Point is the aptly named West Beach which is a long curved stretch of white sand perfect for swimming and beach fishing, and providing some of the most spectacular sunsets you will ever see.

To the east and west of the town are approximately 200 kms of some of WA’s most beautiful and accessible white sandy beaches. Following Hamersley Drive to the west and into the National Park will bring you to Barrens, Mylies, and Hamersley Inlet beaches, pristine, mostly empty and surrounded by rocky headlands. Those with a 4WD vehicle can venture further and drive to some of the best isolated beaches in Australia such as the jewel of a beach at Quoin Head.

Following the Southern Ocean Road to the east of town will bring you to several coastal lookouts and access to miles of unspoiled white sandy beaches. Along this route you will encounter the Two Mile, Five Mile, and Twelve Mile beaches many of which have long limestone shelves providing quiet pools for bathing and fishing. You could then continue on to the beaches at Mason Bay and Starvation Bay, finally ending up at Munglinup Beach with its headlands, reef and access to the Oldfield River Estuary.